Pastoral Council

The Council was formed in the late 1960’s in response to the Second Vatican Council’s teaching that emphasized that all baptized Catholics are part of the Church. As such, the laity are encouraged to be in collaboration with the pastor in fulfilling the mission of the Church. The Council is consultative to the pastor, not deliberative. Major strengths include a diversity of membership and strong participation in decision making. People of the parish sometimes do not recognize how the Council relates to the life of the parish. It is necessary to cultivate a sense of involvement and participation with the parish. Continued spiritual growth in the life of the entire parish is very important for the Council. The Council continues to work to become more visible in the parish.

Darlene Daniels
Gerry Feld
LaVerne Feld
Kris Hagman
Kathy Kath
Anita Stoering
Patt Walker-Chair
John Weber
Joan Weyer
Ex officio
JoAnn Mo, recording secretary
Jeff Voit, Trustee
Vicky Welty, Trustee
Fr. Ralph Zimmerman, Pastor
Tim Stanoch, Director of Communication and Finance

Pastoral Council Minutes