Charitable Giving

Being a Total Stewardship Parish, it has been our tradition to tithe a certain percentage of our annual budget to charities. We give a 3% tithe to charitable giving for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. This amount equates to $25,200 yearly or $2,100 monthly. This amount is further broken down into monthly giving ($800/month) and quarterly giving ($3900/quarterly or $1300/monthly). The monthly giving is divided among five local charities, with amounts listed below. The quarterly giving will be to 10 charities, some local/regional and international, each receiving $300; Common Hope receiving $200 in support of our sponsor child, Elcy; and a $700 special projects fund to be given out based on awareness of need. Each quarter, the Discipleship Committee will decide who receives funding from the special projects fund. Twice yearly, March & September, they will review all charitable giving and make suggestions. This funding is separate from Friends in Need. See below the accounts for each.

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Charities We Support